Netta Erman

Netta Erman is a creative consultant with focus on aesthetic development, art, interior and exterior design.

The approach to interiors is artisanal and thoughtful. He creates spaces that convey a quiet and yet dramatic atmosphere, where the stark and modern are contrasted against rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities. Each project is developed with intrinsic respect for architectural framework and character.

Netta Erman offers unique and limited edition pieces, from a carefully curated edit of international designers and artists. His eponymous home collection of dyed hemp or linen sofas and armchairs is available made to order.

Drawing on strong and modern cultural influences set on a monochrome backdrop, Netta’s peaceful and spellbinding interiors make striking use of light and shadow – underscoring his attention to surfaces and scale. With this serene ambience, Netta’s spaces offer a truly remarkable experience rooted in a timeless and beautifully honest simplicity.

Netta Erman has recently opened a new showroom and boutique at the historical center in Odessa, a neoclassicist building with a longstanding relationship with arts. .

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